‘Nautical Cat’

I’m taking part in Write Now! blog event, writing a short story based on their prompt.

She had never seen so many cats in one place in her life.

Around two dozens of them lived around these rubbish bins, tom cats sitting proudly on top, females relaxing in the shade and kittens playing all over the place. Those were not your usual rubbish bins, they were bins with a view – sea view. Placed there for the owners of villas and apartments in this seaside compound, they were located just off the main promenade, under acacia trees, less then 50 meters away from a rocky shore.

The cats knew that they were born into the world of dumpster luxury and behaved accordingly. They did not really need to dive into rubbish to find something to eat. Local residents brought them food and all the tasty leftovers, all ready to eat, no digging required. Not too much extra movement either – who wants to exercise in mid-summer heat?

There were several other streets in this compound, running parallel to the sea, one higher up the mountain than the other. Those streets had their own rubbish bins and their own feline inhabitants, who were similarly spoilt with food. But they had no sea view – and that matters in this life, doesn’t it?

No matter how regally important all those cats were, there was one tom cat that ruled them all. Nautical cat. Cat of the sea. Feline captain. He was old, wise and covered with scars. He was regarding everyone (by everyone I do not mean just cats) with such superiority that you would realise straight away who’s the boss on this embankment.

He got his nickname, nautical cat, after a trip he ones took with local guys, working in boat rentals. He enjoyed a boat ride in good company, but something came up (obviously, important cat business), so he had to cut it short and just jumped overboard. He did not have to swim too far and managed that with grace. Following that incident, he has been known to take occasional dip in the sea.

Such antiques earned him highest respect of local fishermen, who now supplied him with fresh fish, and all the local residents. Other cats preferred not to cross paths with him, probably, thinking that if a cat’s not scared of the sea, it’s not scared of anything. The nautical cat just ignored them, sunbathing on a wooden pier after a short swim in warm emerald water. Life was good.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Paulo Coelho

Colleen posted Paulo Coelho’s quote on her Writer’s Quote Wednesday blog event this week. As it happens, Alchemist is one of my favourite books, so I’m submitting a quote by Paulo Coelho from Alchemist:

“Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else.” ― Mark Twain (1)

Dreaming and planning for the future – this is what makes us get up in the morning and keep going forward, isn’t it?

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Mark Twain

Ronovan, link up’s host at Silver Threading, chose a quote by Mark Twain this week and as I really love this author, I thought it would be nice to continue this theme with another Twain’s quote:

“Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else.” ― Mark Twain

Sometimes, I choose to travel to a different country, sometimes to a realm of elves far far away – either way, books let me travel even when I’m at home.

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